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We are a young, bold and rapidly growing social enterprise that aims to reduce the barriers associated with eating a healthy diet by supplying fresh fruit and vegetables to a wide range of retailers.   We are passionate about providing high quality fresh fruit and vegetables and an excellent service to our customers. 

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WELFEHD was formed as a Company Ltd By Guarantee in December 2006 to act as the central buyer and distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables for community food outlets. We have a board of directors made of representatives from community food outlets and two advisors from NHS. Having a company that can bulk buy and distribute direct to our projects makes fruit and vegetables more accessable and making it easier to eat five-a-day.


We have a vision of a healthier West Lothian where affordable fresh fruit and vegetables are more widely available and the benefits of eating a healthy balanced diet are recognised. 

We work with a range of partners to reduce barriers associated with eating a healthy diet particularly focused on areas of deprivation where the biggest challenges of cost and access are experienced.
At the same time we provide volunteering and employment opportunities to men and women who have a history of unemployment.  We provide them with training and support, helping them to gain the skills and confidence needed to move on into a wider job market.

Volunteering opportunities are in community food outlets (link).  These are projects that run small fruit and vegetable outlets in local communities for local people.  Volunteers can learn a range of skills relating to the retail trade, increase their communication skills and gain confidence that can all assist when looking for paid employment.



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Welfehd, Unit 5, Heron Square, Deans Industrial Estate, Livingston, EH54 8QY Telephone or Fax 01506 429000