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All food co-ops are registered to accept Health Start vouchers

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Over the past few decades 60% of all food sales in the UK have transferred from small independent retailers to large supermarkets.

Supermarkets have seen an increase in availability and choice for their customers but have created barriers to a healthy diet for others. These supermarkets are often situated in out of town locations, access to which normally necessitates the use of a car, making it more difficult for some to get to.

The increase in the number of large supermarkets has led to the closure of many local shops in the smaller villages and towns in West Lothian, reducing local choice and availability. As a result, a number of community groups have been prompted to set up food projects commonly known as food co-ops.

We are always looking for volunteers for our projects, if you or someone you know is interested in volunteering please contact Jen on 01506 429000 or email: for further details

What is a Food Coop?

Download - Guide to Setting up a Food Co-op
Food Coops in West Lothian
Where Days open Opening times Contact

Addiewell, Pitt Stop Wednesday 9am - 11am Margaret
01501 763354

Armadale Community House,
198 Mayfield Drive.
Thursday 10am - 12pm George Scott
01506 777342

Armadale Parish Church,
Academy Street
Tuesday 10am - 11:30am George Scott
01506 777342

Carmondean Library
Thursday 9.30am -1.30pm Phyllis
01506 839301

Craigshill, Craigshill Mall Monday 9am - 1pm Pamela
01506 439643

Deans Primary School Friday (term time only) 11am - 12.30pm Angela
01506 411208

East Calder Primary School,
Langton Road
Friday 11.15am - 1pm Donna Stephens
01506 880810

Howden St Andrews Primary School Friday (term time only) 11am - 1pm Jen Richards
01506 429000

Inveralmond Early Years Centre Wednesday (term time only) 11am - 12.30pm Aileen
01506 441907

W. Calder, Parkhead Primary School Friday (term time only) 11:30am - 12:30 Catriona Livingston
01506 871404

Ladywell, St. Pauls Church
Monday 9am - 1pm Sandra
01506 430035

St. Johns Hospital Wednesday 9am - 4pm Jen Richards
01506 429000

Stoneyburn, Main Street Monday - Friday

9am - 4pm

Jen Richards
01506 429000

Strathbrock Partnership Centre, Broxburn Thursday 9am - 2pm Jen Richards
01506 429000

Whitburn, Answer Project Tuesday 11am - 1pm Jean
01501 745064


Jen Richards, Food Co-op Development Officer : 01506 429000,
Clare Bell, Volunteer Development Officer : 01506 429000,

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Welfehd, Unit 5, Heron Square, Deans Industrial Estate, Livingston, EH54 8QY Telephone or Fax 01506 429000